Friday, May 22, 2009

Smart Modem

Finally I found a good solution for my internet connection. Smart modem, this modem makes me save a lot in internet connection.

Actually before I found this very smart gadget, I got many problem with my internet connection. I used LAN connection and one ISP connection, and both of them cost me a lot. They had ever charged me for about Rp. 800.000,00 for internet connection. After I found Smart handphone, I get 6 months 2 GB free internet connection and only Ro. 0.03 the will charge me for internet connection. I love this gadget. It helps me a lot to develop my online business.

My K770i

Right now I'm using Sony Ericsson K7701. I love this phone. This phone is simple. I can put in my pocket. I can also use this phone while I was driving (but ussually when I'm driving I usually use earphoe to make save driving (I mean when I have to push the key pad, it is much easier than E61i).

My E61i

I loved my Nokia E61i. Although this gadget is good but it made me disappointed, why? I thought that the word and the excel program in this Nokia E61i could be syncronized with email. In fact it could not.

I admitted that the camera of this gadget is very good, especially if we use it to take the panorama and moving things. However, for auto focus it can not be expected.

I had a good experience with the camera. One I joined a seminar, I decided to get the explanation mentioned in the screen, and I don't want to make a note. Alhough my distance with screen is about 20 meters, I could capture the writings in the screen clearly. It's wonderful.

May be what made this gadget a little bit not nice for me is the size. The size of this gadget is also too big, I had difficulties if I was driving and at the same time the phone rang. I couldn't handled it by one hand.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nokia 9300

I love my N9300 a lot. This gadget help me a lot in doing my business. I get emails, sms, and mms. The problem I get from this gadget is because of the absence of camera
in this gadget.

The solution to solve the problem, I use another gadget to take picture, and then I transferred the picture through blue tooth.

I can type a lot of documet in this gadget. I can also send emails smoothly using this gadget.

What make me frustrated with Nokia is, why they produced next generation of communicator in a very big gap of price range. After N9500, Nokia produce E90, the price range is much higher than previous one (N9500 and N9300i/N9300).

to be continued.........

My Nokia N70

to be continued